Rise of the Ninja-Bread Men: A Photo Story

Little Man had been asking and asking and asking Grandma to make Gingerbread Men. This was smart on his part, because asking and asking and asking me would have resulted in me purchasing pre-made gingerbread dough at the grocery store. Instead, Little Man, Vi and Grandma made it from scratch! However, we can’t be normal and make actual plain-old-gingerbread men. Thanks to my friend Allison who sent me a link to some rather unique cookie cutters a few weeks ago we had our first Ninja-bread cookie experience!

Getting started:


Measure it carefully!




Smelling all ingredients is a Requirement:




Unsupervised Egg Cracking leads to Crushing. Mmmmm, who doesn’t like a little extra crunch in their gingerbread?


Molasses does Not Impress the Man:


1/3 horrified, 1/3 disgusted, 1/3 curious:



Mix it up! Then let it sit in the fridge for 6 hours:


Finally it’s time to cut some cookies! Everyone got involved in this part.


Excuse my Christmas pajamas. And my hair. In fact, just pretend I’m not in this photo at all.



I love this expression. It’s like “What do you mean everyone doesn’t make ninja-bread cookies in their Jedi cloak?”


And this expression. “Baking cookies takes soooooooo looooooooooong…….”


Finished Product: The Rise Of The Ninja-Bread Men!


The End!



4 Responses to Rise of the Ninja-Bread Men: A Photo Story

  1. Milena says:

    Home-made dough is the best! And the cookies look awesome. Every year, mu husband asks me if we really need any more different cookie cutters…..and I always answer yes :-)
    Impressive how Vi not only looks like you (post above – she really does!!) but also a lot like Grandma – or is it just the hair?

    • Lora says:

      Milena-she does a little I suppose. It’s interesting because my husband’s Dad actually has dark hair and blue eyes, just like Vi. :)

  2. samm says:

    Vi truly does look like her Mama! My youngest, who is adopted, looks just like my step-mother, his grandma. We always loved that when Grandma was alive. I love the ninja cookies! And your documentary photos are priceless! I used to provide graham crackers, candy, and royal icing for my four boys tomake “gingerbread” houses. Production could last for days, and usually involved several batches of icing and trips for more candy. :) One year one of them built a space station that covered most of the table. It was great fun! The other activity they remember fondly was making salt dough ornaments, a few of which are still around. Boys can create pretty unusual ornaments for the celebration of Christmas! Have fun getting ready for the big day! Hugs from Canada! s

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