Seriously, Congress?!? Seriously.

I am a little bit speechless this morning.

And feel just a little bit like puking.

Have you heard the news?

Congress wants to screw with military retirement pay.


Of course they do. Because members of the military and their families don’t give enough already, right? We don’t make enough sacrifices, right?

Surely we can be asked to give a little bit more, right? Even if it means Congress is backstabbing the very people who have defended their rights and their country and their Constitution, it’s not such a huge deal to cut just “1%”, is it?


The math adds up, folks. And we (as in my husband and our family, and every other officer who retires after 20 years of service and their family) are looking at losing $124,000 in retirement pay.

It isn’t pocket change.

People in the military signed a contract. One which is not easily broken. Trying to get out of the service before your agreed time is damn near impossible.

However, the rules apparently don’t apply to the people on the other side of that contract. They can do what they want with our retirement benefits, promised AND earned with blood, sweat and tears.

Benefits earned by men and women who answered the call. Who left their families and their lives over and over. Who fought on foreign soil and wondered if they would come home in one piece. Or come home at all.

Men and women who have done every single thing that was asked of them.

How can these elected officials not look to their own obscene paychecks and lifetime benefits first, before putting those who have actually served our country on the chopping block?

Taking 1% from the one percent willing to give it all, willing to fight and die, for You.

It’s a little too ironic.

Don’t you think?

The fight isn’t over yet!! Call your Congressmen, get involved! Tell them this is NOT AN ACCEPTABLE COMPROMISE. Those who have made their life a work of service to our great nation do not deserve to have the rug pulled out from under them!

(List of Congressmen click here)

After you are done with that, be sure to spread the word via social media so even more people can make those calls. Share this or any of the linked articles. On Twitter use the hashtag #KeepYourPromise. My senator’s pages have a place to contact them via email as well!

Additionally you can follow this link and send an email to the President and your Representatives simultaneously! Do this in addition to your own personal emails and phone calls if possible.

MOAA Legislative Action Center

(you can click family/friend and send the message even if you aren’t active duty or a spouse.)

Support military members and their families. Do not ask them to give any more then they already have given. At some point, we have to matter too.

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  1. Emily says:

    So is this the same thing as the Tricare cuts? ‘Cause I got an email with a petition about that and signed it.

  2. Emily says:

    Oh, and you’re right. That is SO NOT FAIR! And it makes me sick too!

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