Truth & Humor: What Not to Say to Adoptive Parents

I was listening to NPR the other day (Oh man do I love me some public radio!) and they were talking about other animals having a sense of humor. And what humans find funny. And the fact that the most humorous things are often funny precisely because they are so true.

When I saw this piece on What NOT to say to an Adoptive Parent, I was nearly rolling on the floor with laughter.


I really like that he clarifies at the beginning that most people certainly don’t make these comments intending to be mean or to hurt anyone’s feelings, they just kind of aren’t thinking about how it actually sounds. His facial expressions and exaggerated tone definitely makes it funny, but it really is how these comments sound to adoptive families. And I am sure most people just don’t think about how it sounds, so this is an excellent way to demonstrate Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Adoption Comments.

Plus, you can’t even get past the title without laughing:

If You Wouldn’t Say It About A Boob Job, Don’t Say It About An Adoptive Family.

Prepare to laugh through some truth here, people!

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  1. samm says:

    Yes!!! I heard most of these at one time or another after our boys arrived. :) Funny video! And true. Thanks for sharing it.

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