A Day Before 8

Vi turns 8 tomorrow!!

For her birthday, she wanted to go to Six Flags again. We went last year too for her birthday:


That is her on her birthday in 2013.

And here she is Today, in almost the exact same spot, the day before her birthday!


Since her birthday falls on a weekend we decided to let the little kids skip school and go on a Friday. It turned out to be the best plan EVER because we got there 30 minutes after the park opened and it was basically empty. I mean, there were a few busloads of high-schoolers on field trips, but they weren’t going to be interested in the same rides we wanted to go on.

We got a stroller all the kids could fit in,barely, and took off for an adventure! you can see Little Man is super not impressed with this plan.



First things first, we had to go get our season passes sorted out. And the closest ride to that was these parachute things. Vi was a little nervous, but it ended up being fun and we could even see our car in the parking lot from the very top!



Next we hit up the first kid-roller coaster we came across. Bug was begging…..BEGGING…. to go on Skull Mountain, because Vi had been big enough last year and she had not. This smaller, less intense, not in the dark roller coaster we thought might be a good warm up to see if she was really ready.

Vi and Daddy went first. And she hated it. Kept her head down the whole time and was glad it was over. Very strange because she really enjoyed the roller coasters last year!


I took Bug next and she spent the entire ride screaming “This is AWESOME! This is AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!”

In other words, totally ready to tackle Skull Mountain, which we did next. She rode it once with Daddy and then once with me, and came off the ride grinning like a thief both times!


After the first coaster, Vi decided she was not in fact going to ride Skull Mountain (again, which she really enjoyed last year so I have no clue what that was about??) so her and Little Man rode these cute bugs instead. Since we were able to walk on to every ride, Bug and Daddy were back before this kid ride was even over. Seriously.



Here is a photo of the girls in one of the “Kid” sections of the park. As you can see, I’m totally not exaggerating. It was Empty. And with a partly cloudy sky and a temperature of about 67 degrees with a slight breeze it was a perfect day for a theme park visit!!


Next we rode some of those spinning swings. And i have to say, this is definitely the money shot of the day! The girls each wanted their own swing eventhough I tried to convince them to sit together. I’m glad though because this turned out so cute!! We were spinning fairly fast so I really couldn’t see what I was taking a picture of when I did it, but it is definitely one of my favorite theme park photos ever! I love how it goes from Thrilled Vi, to Slightly Terrified Bug, to Holding On For Dear Life Little Man:


Then, because I don’t have any idea why, Vi decided she wanted to push the stroller. Little Man was not going to sit in it for that. Maybe he has seen her fall down often enough that he doesn’t trust her driving skills, but Bug was up for taking the gamble. Of course, being that she’s turning 8, Vi is convinced she is now quite, quite bigger than everyone else. So I think that’s why she wanted to help.


We walked over to the Animal Safari, which last summer had a line a couple hours long almost all the time, and just walked right on to that too.


Half way through you get off the truck at a little shop that has some animals. We got to see the baby lions!! One of them was absolutely trying to escape:


A few minutes later we saw the keepers feeding them bottles and realized that must have been part of the reason this little one was trying to break down the gate: It was Lunch Time! (They had gone in the pen, but this little lion was freaking out and clawed at the keeper. The bottle was malfunctioning and while it was sucking nothing was coming out and it got very upset. Even being so small, you don’t want to be in a cage with an upset lion, so they went out, fixed it, and finished the feeding through the cage. I am not sure why the lion cubs weren’t with their Mommy though.)


And then, Little Man got to hold an Emu egg. I just love his expression!


Here’s Mama and Bug, looking at some Macaws:


They rode some other things too, but as usual these days my phone was nearly full and I was trying to delete stuff without deleting stuff I hadn’t downloaded. First world problems!

Last, but certainly not least, we were able to locate their favorite ride. We don’t go here first because they would literally want to ride this for hours. And just watching it makes me want to puke. It’s called Jumpin’ Joey and it goes up to the top and sort of bounces erratically up and down the tree trunk:



They rode it five times.




In a row.

Little Man was Not Interested, because he had his own version called Daddy Throws Me Around:


Of course Nurse-Me can only look at this photo and pray we don’t end up with a nurse-maid’s elbow. Which we didn’t. Yay! I try not to be paranoid nurse mom too much and let them have fun. But it’s a struggle at times!

On our way out we got Ice Cream. Dippin’ Dots are practically a Six Flags Requirement.


The kids were exhausted, we stayed and played from 11:00 to 4:30! But they were very happy as well. Vi passed out in the car on the way home!




Throughout the day Vi would periodically remark “I like celebrating. I like birthdays. I like celebrating birthdays, Mama!”

This will be her 3rd birthday since her adoption, but I am reminded in these moments that those 5 years where she didn’t even know she had a birthday of her own have certainly left an impact. This was still a Very Big Deal, to have a day just for her. To know someone was Celebrating HER. To feel special and wanted and loved. Even when we came home she asked me repeatedly “Will we celebrate tomorrow?” And I would say “Vi, what do we always do on birthdays?” and she would say “…..Celebrate?!?” and smile. But it was definitely more to reassure herself than anything else.

Tomorrow, the celebration continues!!

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  1. idena says:

    Happy birthday Vi!
    That spinning swings photo is AWESOME!

  2. Milena says:

    So, today is her birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY VI!
    I am so happy that you had such a great time at the park yesterday and I hope that today will be great fun too!

  3. samm says:

    Happy birthday Vi! And many many more happy birthdays with your family. It sure looks like you all had a great day at the theme park! I love the swing shot, and the dipping dots photo shows just how much alike your girls look. :) Now I’m off to see the new bike in today’s post! Have fun being eight years old Vi!

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