Happy 7th Little Man

Every year goes by and every year I am shocked to see how big our littlest boy is getting! Here is his *official* Kindergarten photo!!!

Those missing teeth! That huge smile! Those sparkly eyes!! Oh how mama loves this boy!!

Birthdays this year haven’t gotten as much attention as they deserve. I mean, truthfully almost nothing got the attention it deserved this year. #2016fail

But I made some extra effort with Little Man’s birthday because I completely failed at Bug’s birthday. I ordered cake pops for his class, and managed to make his R2D2 cake. The cake pops were made by a West Point spouse who runs a home business and they were AMAZING.

I think his pile of presents in the morning might have been as big as his pile of presents on Christmas. I loved watching him open each package, he makes such intense and studious faces when he’s focused on things!

Unfortunately, the big gift I got him didn’t work. It was a Jedi Force Trainer where you move holograms with your mind! The headpiece didn’t fit him though, so while we could get it to work on Dean’s head it couldn’t make a secure enough connection for Little Man to control it.

But his other gifts were a big hit!

I had to go to work all day, but the doc I was working with made sure I left on time so I could have cake before the kids had to go to bed. I have great co-workers!

The R2D2 cake tradition continues….

Yesterday, He didn’t want to get up to go to school. This is not normal behavior, and so I decided to just keep him and Bug home. I was off work and we all could use an extra day to just hang out. We ended up returning the present that didn’t work, as well as returning a gift of Bug’s from christmas that didn’t fit, and I let them pick out their own new gifts which was super fun!

The morning of his birthday I told him how his big brother Pudah was 7 when he was born. He thought this was incredible, and when we talked to brothers on the phone he filled them in on this fun fact! Here is a photo of Pudah and Little Man when Pudah was seven!!

All in all, a good 7th birthday for this tiny treasure of a human. We all love and adore him so much, it is hard to put in to words but I think the photos *almost* do our feelings justice.

Sweetest Boy-You aren’t a baby anymore, that is for certain. I know you crinkle your nose at me when I call you my baby-boy. But you will always be the baby of my heart, and it has been such an absolute joy to be your Mother. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you!

~love, Mama


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