2 tiny, congenitally ill kittens fought for life in a loving new family

A cat and her 4 kittens sought help themselves by presenting themselves in front of a house. Two of the little ones were the size of 5-week-old kittens, when they were 10. Their courage moved the foster family.

The association Cat Adoption Team (CAT) located in the State ofOregon to the United States took in an adorable family of cats in mid-March 2022. The cat and her 4 cubs had shown up on their own in front of a house. The 5 felines were then entrusted to Laura, a reception volunteer for the association. She declares to LoveMeow : “We immediately knew something was wrong with 2 males”. Indeed, if 2 of the 4 kittens could be adopted definitively as soon as they arrived, Buddy and Walter weighed only 500 and 363 grams respectively at their 10 weeks (against more than a kilogram for their brothers).

A congenital disease

Laura explains that in addition to their stunted growth, the kittens were not “not very active” and they seemed “exhausted”. A visit to the veterinarian determined that Buddy and Walter suffered from a rare condition called congenital hypothyroidism. “It’s not common in kittens. They had a very low T4 hormone level and had stopped growing around 5 weeks of age”announcement Laura.

The two little felines therefore received treatment and care: fluid therapy and two acupuncture sessions. The first two weeks were tough. Laura and her daughter Cassidy did their best to support them. “Things started to improve after they had been on thyroid treatment for a few weeks”declares Laura.

After more than a month of fighting for life, Buddy and Walter have finally revealed their playful and mischievous side to the delight of Laura and Cassidy : “They play like crazy before falling into a deep sleep, surrounding each other with their paws”. Today, Buddy and Walter are 4 months old and have doubled in size. They will soon be sterilized and will go live with their adopters who are eager to welcome them.

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