A 2-year-old girl seriously injured by a dog: the animal will be euthanized according to a decree

The facts took place this Monday in the town of Péronne-en-Mélantois in Metropolitan France. A 2-year-old girl was bitten several times by a dog. The young victim was hospitalized and the mayor of the town decided to euthanize the animal because “necessary for everyone’s peace”.

A controversial decision.

2-year-old girl seriously injured

This Monday, May 16 in the town of Péronne-en-Mélantois in Metropolitan France, a dog escaped the supervision of its master and attacked a 2-year-old girl. Seriously injured, the young victim was hospitalized at the Lille hospital center. After intensive care, his life is not in danger.

This Tuesday, May 17, the mayor of the town decided, following a publication on social networks, to euthanize the animal because “necessary for the tranquility of all”

“A little girl on a walk with her nanny was attacked by a dog which had run away from home. The firefighters and the gendarmerie intervened quickly to manage the situation in the company of the elected officials of the town. The little one is hospitalized but her days are not in danger, intensive care will be necessary for some time for her wounds to heal properly.The nanny, also injured and shocked, has returned home.

The Mayor contacted the owners of the dog to tell them that the municipal order for euthanasia of the dog was taken and necessary for everyone’s peace. Know that everything will be done to help all those who have been impacted or witnessed this tragedy.”

A decision that is controversial on social networks. Internet users prefer to avoid euthanizing the animal and having its masters judged.

Matthieu Patou-Parvedy


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