A stray cat finds a home then surprises by giving birth to 7 kittens

A pregnant cat with magnificent blue eyes has found refuge thanks to an association. She was able to give birth to her 7 adorable kittens in good conditions thanks to the kindness of her foster family.

A resident of Brisbanein the State of queensland to the United States, took a cat to the local vet after finding her. It turned out that the young lady named Amity was pregnant and needed help. It is therefore quite naturally that she was placed by the Best Friends Felines association with a devoted volunteer.

A cozy nest

In this new home, Amity feels like home. The abundance of food and thousands of hugs helped him relax and rest. “I made sure to spend as much time as possible with her every day. She loved having her belly massaged.explains the hostess to LoveMeow.

After a few days, Amity started having contractions. The birth of the babies was fast approaching. The cat expressed the need to have the support of her adopter. “She made me earn my stripes as a midwife”jokes this one.

It was still a surprise for the whole family to discover thatAmity gave birth to 7 kittens in total: I did a recount and realized there were 7 babies”confirms the adoptive mother.

Complications quickly forgotten

Amity is very caring with her children. She takes care of them 24 hours a day, even if it means forgetting herself a little. After two exhausting days, the mother cat lost her appetite and it was obvious she had stomach issues. Back to the vet for an exam. Amity needed intensive care for a few days. It was therefore her adoptive who took over with the kittens, feeding them with a bottle several times a day. Amity went home in great shape, just 3 days after being admitted to the clinic.

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The kittens have grown well. At 4 weeks, they explore their environment and spend their days heckling and then sleeping. The foster family never tires of observing and caring for them until they are ready to be adopted.

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