After Menton lemon ravioli, Pasta Piemonte launches its range of dehydrated pasta

In her hands, Luisa Inversi, maker of artisanal pasta under the Pasta Piemonte brand in Menton, holds one of her new creations, organic dehydrated tagliatelle made in her workshops in Menton.
Its success, Luisa Inversi, Turinese with Piedmontese origins, owes it only to herself. Arrived in the city of lemons in 2013 after having married, in Italy, a career as an engineer in safety and health at work, Luisa Inversi decides that it is time to realize an old dream. Because in his family, many were bakers or pastry chefs and this idea of ​​craftsmanship has always irritated his taste buds.
She came, she saw and she conquered. She studied the market (and the local economy), and as a true autodidact, started making homemade pasta. She had the nose to make French palates taste a specialty that is tasted in Italy. Lemon ravioli.

Cuttlefish ink, ESPELETTE PDO pepper…

And in Menton, finding a good lemon is not complicated. It approached local producers, even before the citrus fruit obtained the protected geographical index (IGP) in 2015. Since then, the little ravioli have made their nest, the shop is always full and orders on the Internet via the site (which delivers the fresh product within 24 hours), are running at full speed.
But the tireless Luisa Inversi didn’t stop there. She wanted to please her customers and tourists who wanted to take away her preparations. His idea: offer them dehydrated pasta.

The taste of Others

We have done several recipe tests so as not to distort the product and have invested in a dryer to create our dehydrated pasta. They are prepared with organic eggs kept in dedicated fridges. Dry ink, Espelette pepper AOP… there will be several variations and even a unique recipe, but I won’t tell you more, except that it will be very good!”
Little hint: it’s going to smell good in the hinterland of Nice… Because what she loves, Luisa Inversi, is “Working with local producers, not just being a company with a profit objective. We have a passion for the job, and the job well done, and the know-how of our territory must be highlighted.”

Pasta, yes, but…

She is secretary of the IGP, treasurer of the association of merchants of Menton…, and even when she publishes her first book, she donates part of the proceeds to the Campagna Amica association which works for the development of agriculture in Italy. Luisa Inversi makes pasta, yes, but committed pasta! The new range is to be discovered from July 9, in the stalls of its Menton shop.
A turnover of 190 K€ in 2018-2019 (compared to 55 K€ in 2017-2018), Pasta Piemonte has been rewarded several times, in particular at the last national competition Stars et Métiers (the trophy held by his son in the photo , note).
Luisa Inversi is proud: “We work a lot and are passionate, it’s a great recognition for us and it makes us want, even more, to get our hands dirty.”

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