Aggression of Yvan Colonna: the lawyers of the activist will ask for a suspension of sentence for vital prognosis

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Yvan Colonna had been very seriously injured by an inmate who had attacked him, and he has been in a coma since, between life and death, in a hospital in Marseille. A judicial investigation for “attempted assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise” was opened on March 6.

Yvan Colonna’s lawyers will file a request for suspension of his sentence, for “vital prognosis engaged”, after the attack of which the Corsican independence activist was the victim in the prison of Arles on March 2, announced to the AFP one of them, Me Sylvain Cormier.

“The law provides that the sentence can be suspended when the vital prognosis of a prisoner is engaged. We ask neither more nor less than the application of the law, the respect of the law for Yvan”, declared to AFP Me Sylvain Cormier, one of his lawyers.

He assured that the request would be filed Tuesday morning with the court for the application of anti-terrorism sentences in Paris. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, the suspension of sentence may be ordered for convicts for whom it is established that they are suffering from a life-threatening pathology or that their state of physical or mental health is permanently incompatible with continued detention. detention.

Lifting of the status of particularly reported prisoner

Definitively sentenced since 2012 to life imprisonment for the assassination of the prefect Erignac in 1998, Yvan Colonna has been released by law since 2021. Unlike the two other members of the commando Alain Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri, he had not yet filed a request for sentence adjustment, on the date of his attack, but intended to do so.

The government announced on March 8 that Yvan Colonna was no longer considered a “particularly reported detainee” (DPS). “This decision (…) is based on the particular seriousness of Mr. Colonna’s health situation”, Matignon then argued.

This DPS status was also lifted on Friday for Pierre Alessandri and Alain Ferrandi, who should therefore be able to serve the rest of their sentence in a Corsican prison.

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