An elected official sentenced for sex with his dogs


A city councilor had a particular way of allowing himself to be loved by his animals. The court sentenced him to an 18-month suspended prison sentence and stripped him of his companions.

The 40-year-old loves hunting and owns 21 dogs. The facts concern two of them (photo pretext).

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A municipal councilor from the country of Rabastine, in the Tarn (F), was denounced to the mayor of his commune by a letter from his own brother. The latter wanted to alert the authorities to his actions with his animals. Placed under judicial control on April 1, he appeared on May 17 before the Albi court.

The man is a hunting enthusiast and, when the gendarmes came to search his home on March 27, they discovered 21 dogs in a shed converted into a kennel. While in police custody, the defendant admitted having sexual relations with two of them. It is to answer for this that he was facing justice, explains “The Dispatch”.

To the judge, he explains this very special love he has for his animals and the facts that were committed between 2016 and 2022. “I take good care of it. I do not practice sodomy, they are the ones who do it if they wish”. He will even have to detail how, repeating that he always does it with the same two.

Without a wife or friends

His lawyer painted a sad portrait of his client, explaining that he had never had a friend or a relationship with a woman. He asked the question during his closing argument on whether his passive behavior could be considered sexual abuse of a domestic animal. However, he only asked for one thing: not to deprive him of hunting, his last social bond.

The prosecutor stressed the urgency of helping this man to treat his deviance while the psychiatric analysis revealed an obvious lack of affection since childhood in a family with pathological functioning.

The court decided to sentence the elected official to 18 months in prison accompanied by a probationary probation reinforced for a period of two years. All his dogs have been entrusted to the SPA to whom he will have to pay 3000 euros in damages. He will no longer have the right to have animals and will have to seek treatment, undergo training and will have to find a job.

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