A cat comes face to face with a bear in front of his house and makes a heroic decision

Significantly smaller and less powerful than its counterpart, a cat more than compensated for this disadvantage by relying on its incredible determination when it found itself facing a bear. The plantigrade had approached the house of the masters of the feline, which was therefore firmly resolved to protect both its territory and its family. © … Read more

A rescue operation is carried out to accommodate 36 abused sled dogs at an animal-loving competitor

© Solo walks / Facebook The Chenil d’Orca, located in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord in Quebec, offered tourists in the winter season walks with sled dogs. However, a complaint was filed against the unscrupulous owner who kept his pack in deplorable conditions. An investigation is underway, but the 36 dogs present on the spot are already the subject … Read more

zoom in to find it!

A cat is hiding (very well) in this photo: zoom in to find it! As you know, cats love to hide. The one in the photo is no exception and is even very, very talented! Another new game that will exercise your sense of detail and your eyes. Today, we offer you a photo on … Read more

Entrusted to a pension, a puppy mysteriously disappears and its owner is arrested asking for an explanation

In Texas, the owner of a missing puppy, when she had entrusted him to a pension, was able to find him ten days later. In the meantime, she and her mother have been taken into custody, while the establishment says it is investigating the theft of the animal. © Click 2 Houston It’s an amazing … Read more

“Lunchflation”, or how the lunch break costs more since returning to the office

More expensive coffee from the machine, small dishes that are no longer so economical given the rise in the price of our groceries, more expensive restaurant menus… These are all reasons to deplore a more ruinous lunch break at the office. than before the crisis. A situation that the Anglo-Saxons deplore with a neologism: “lunchflation”, … Read more

This Pitbull Was Abandoned In Front Of The Vet Clinic With A Heartbreaking Letter From His Owner

Abandoning your dog is sometimes an obligation (and the only option) when you want above all the well-being of your animal. A woman in a complicated situation preferred to leave her dog at a shelter rather than subject her to her homeless life. The touching letter she left alongside her faithful companion made the rescuers … Read more