“He quickly became the mascot of the barracks” (photos)

Published on 21/05 at 12:56 By Laura Salamon The firefighters of the 2/1 platoon of the Liège rescue zone collected a puppy in danger a few days ago. An animal that quickly became their mascot before finally joining the big family of Liège firefighters. ******** * **** *** ******** ** ****** *** ***** ******** ** … Read more

Lawyer Pascal Garbarini placed in police custody

The lawyer Pascal Garbarini was in police custody, Thursday, May 12 in the morning, in the premises of the Ajaccio gendarmerie, where he had been summoned within the framework of an ongoing judicial investigation targeting the members of the team of Corsican criminals from the Petit Bar. Mand Garbarini has long defended this gang suspected … Read more

In Plouescat, the Pasta party organized the day before the Transléonarde is in preparation – Plouescat

“To date, registrations have made it possible to announce a major 2022 edition of the Transléonarde, for its 20th anniversary, Sunday June 26. All events combined, marathon, duo marathon, trail and coastal walks, the number of participants planned is 2,500, compared to 2,300 during the last edition, in 2019″, confide Roger Torchen and Antoine Emily, … Read more

Too many cats to adopt at the Quebec SPA

The adoption of cats at the Society for the Protection of Animals of Quebec (SPA) is overflowing for the first time in two years. Since the start of the pandemic, the attraction for pets has always been strong due in particular to isolation, but the SPA de Québec is experiencing a new reality as demand … Read more

the family lawyer, Maître Boulloud accuses justice of having “botched the investigation in 1986”

The disappearance of Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti in Pontcharra, in Isère, is about to be elucidated, 36 years later. This outcome took place thanks to the tenacity of the victim’s family, believes his lawyer, Maître Boulloud, who regrets the lack of perseverance of justice, in 1986. The presumed murderer of Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti is called Yves Chatain and … Read more

Why is my cat attacking me?

We have all been the victim of a regular attack by his cat, without us understanding the cause. Félix jumps on your feet, or becomes downright threatening, spitting with a hunched back? It’s a feline attack! We assure you, these attacks are never free. It is up to us to understand what their meaning is, … Read more