Boulogne: a cat thrown out of the window, two complaints filed

A cat was thrown out of a second-story window by its owner last January. Two complaints were filed. The 30 million friends Foundation is bringing a civil action.

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A passer-by, who was walking rue de Tivoli, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, saw a woman throwing a cat out of the window of the second floor of a building last January. Surprised, she picks up the animal, named Minette, and decides to take him to the vet. The Opale Capture animal service is notified, as well as the Boulonnais cat school, where the cat, ” already disabled “, is placed in a foster family.

We could see the x-rays of his pawsconfirms Isabelle Hochard, president of the Boulonnais School of Cats, an association based in Condette. One of them was rotting. She had to be amputated. Others were broken. According to the 30 Million Friends Foundation, the medical examination also reveals ” a deformed right posterior », « femur fractures and old and traumatic lesions “. Jérémie Marion, head of the Opale Capture animal service, specifies that he has already intervened several times with the owner of this cat to ” animal ramblings » and « impoundments “.

The 30 Million Friends Civil Party Foundation

Isabelle Hochard specifies that since then, Minette (named Rita on the 30 million friends Foundation website) ” is recovering well with her foster family, who want to keep her “.

Two complaints for bad treatment have been filed. One by the animal service, Opale capture, on behalf of the national associations for the defense of the animal cause, which recovered the animal, and one by the School of cats. The 30 Million Friends Foundation has instituted civil proceedings.

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