zoom in to find it!

A cat is hiding (very well) in this photo: zoom in to find it! As you know, cats love to hide. The one in the photo is no exception and is even very, very talented! Another new game that will exercise your sense of detail and your eyes. Today, we offer you a photo on … Read more

Why the City captures cats in the former Cdo

The stray cats in the abandoned buildings in Square Gambetta are being captured. For reasons of public safety but not only. Abandoned for twenty years, the old buildings of the Cdo brand, facing Square Gambetta, in the city center of Chtelleault, have been colonized for years by stray cats. The City of Chtellerault has decided … Read more

an association alert to the phenomenon

Black cats are shunned by adopters: an association alert to the phenomenon Black cats still have a bad reputation. On Facebook, the animal protection association “La Tribu du Fourmilier” deplored that the black kittens “stay on the floor”. Black cats shunned by adopters As she explains on the social network, black kittens are always shunned … Read more

the kennel-pound treats cats “like waste”, denounces the One Voice association

“The shortcomings are numerous: lack of care, sick and suffering cats, insufficiently fed dogs, premises that do not meet the minimum requirements for animal protection, deprivation of permanent watering”, indicates the association in its press release. Joined by us on Wednesday evening, Muriel Arnal, the president of One Voice, specifies that an investigation was carried … Read more