Magistrates, lawyers and court officials simultaneously demonstrate their anger in Orléans and Montargis

This is a column published a few weeks ago in The world which has awakened the barely sleeping suffering of the milieu of justice. Orléans magistrates, civil servants and lawyers were thus mobilized in turn, this Wednesday, December 15, on the steps of the courthouseto show their support and claim resources. “Simply, to be in … Read more

the new life in Dubai of Philippe Houman, the Swiss lawyer of Jérôme Cahuzac

Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationSentenced by French justice for his role in mounting tax evasion by the former budget minister, the intermediary continues to offer his services to a wealthy clientele from the emirate. We left him in Paris, in February 2018, at the appeal trial of Jérôme Cahuzac, when he learnedly explained, at the … Read more

At the November 13 trial, the powerful argument of Salah Abdeslam’s lawyers against a “slow death penalty”

Salah Abdeslam’s lawyer, Mᵉ Olivia Ronen, during her argument at the special assize court in Paris, June 24, 2022. IVAN BRUN FOR “THE WORLD” “This trial must not be a continuation of the war against terrorism by other means. The prosecution asks you to permanently neutralize an enemy by condemning him to a social death … Read more

The lawyer for the ex-boss of Assu 2000, accused of rape, denounces the media’s treatment of

Me Laure Heinich, lawyer for the former CEO of the Assu 2000 group, Jacques Bouthier, said Friday, June 24 to theAFP dismayed speak “media treatment” and the « reports fallacious” on the accusations of rape of a minor targeting his client. “What we can read borders on bad faith” The secrecy of the investigation and … Read more

the right of defense in danger

While he was in a butt with the magistrates since his arrival at the Ministry of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti will now have to face the wrath of lawyers. Because of a funny affair, full of twists and turns, which is almost at its denouement. A seemingly technical matter, but which is in reality very political. … Read more

Justice. How a good lawyer can (partly) save the day

This article is for subscribers only Register for free and enjoy 14 days of unlimited access to all our articles! I’m registering Posted on 06/24/2022 at 14:59 The immediate appearance held on Thursday June 23, 2022 before the Évreux court gave rise to an oratorical and procedural contest around a “poor guy” who finally got … Read more

To demand resources for family justice, the Council of the Toulouse Bar Association calls for citizen mobilization

More than a year and a half for a divorce. Hearing dates impossible to obtain even when it comes to urgently organizing child custody or fixing the amount of child support. Toulouse lawyers, like magistrates, are powerless in a judicial machine that is out of breath. They launched a petition for all citizens to ask … Read more