DA Uzi’s lawyer joins him on stage by surprise

While his album The path of the brave will see the light of day this Friday, April 1, DA Uzi was this Wednesday, March 30 on the stage of La machine du moulin rouge for his opening night. The opportunity for him to perform some songs from his album especially the title Master Zadourianin tribute to his lawyer who joined him on stage by surprise.

“They got me but I felt it, and I come out cleared”

Among the 22 songs (including 3 only available on the physical format of the album) which will compose the next project of DA Uzi this April 1st, we will find a title in the name of his lawyer Master Zadourian.

Indeed, the rapper had been arrested on May 15, 2021 following an identity check and had been prosecuted for “transportation, possession and acquisition of narcotics, unauthorized acquisition and possession of category B weapons”. After a few weeks of detention, the Sevranais had been relaxed for procedural flaws because it could not rest “exclusively on the basis of intelligence”. The identity check was otherwise “unlawful” as the court pointed out. A freedom thathe owes to the work of his lawyerthat he thanks still today through what he knows how to do best: his music.

A title great gratitude, who will not have left the main concerned indifferent long time. Indeed, before this performance, the lawyer had never listened to the song and discovered it at the same time as the other people present at this release party. It only took her a few seconds before the text moved her to the point that she went to join, by surprise, her client on stage to take him in her arms.

One moment rich in emotion which reflects the bond they were able to create following this misadventure since the two have now become friends.

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