Denny Imbroisi’s fresh pasta for everyone and… Pasta Così!

Like many cooks who do not hesitate to entrust recipes to brands, Italian chef Denny Imbroisi is launching into fresh pasta with Mammafiore. The result is delicious !

A few weeks ago, we took stock of the Mammafiore / Peppe Cutraro partnership (who was already its distributor…) which offered excellent Italian pizzas, well processed and yet straight from the factory, to be finished cooking at home. We had been circumspect at the reception and yet, even if it only half resembled what the 2019 world pizza champion offers in his restaurant, it was still very high level compared to what the restaurant offered. you can find something similar on the market!

Same bet for Denny Imbroisi who is launching pasta to cook at home. A whole range of fresh pasta, Pasta Cosiand traditional recipes, The Collezione di Denny (arancini and lasagna) are now available for sale to all of us. Here too, it is a real success. We had the chance to taste each recipe of pasta and let it be: Margherite with gorgonzola, Quadrone ricotta and spinach, Gnocchi stuffed with cheese, Ravioli del Plin, Delizie with Truffle, all succeed in enchanting us as in a real trattoria. Very good and nicely made, the pasta signed Denny Imbroisi make us completely change our minds about what we can find in the supermarket in the fresh pasta section.

In addition, on each packaging, a QR code is affixed, which, when flashed, sends directly to a video of the chef who gives a small recipe easy to make with two or three other products.

Available at Leclerc, Intermarché and on the Mammafiore website, the Pasta Cosi are on sale between 5.50 a packet and 7 euros. A little more expensive than what you usually find, but they are so good!

Arancini 2 pieces: 3.50 to 4.50 euros

(Al ragù, Cacio e peppe, Truffle,…)

Lasagne al ragù: 7 euros

Eggplant parmigiana: 8.50 euros

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