Fidal Aix-Marseille relies on the commitment of its lawyers to stand out

One office, but two co-directors. In the Bouches-du-Rhône as in its Mediterranean regional department, Fidal has decided to double the skills. Thus Hedy Saoudi arrived alongside Thierry Gaudin. ” This co-direction phase was necessary “, recognizes Me Gaudin who has headed the Marseille office for seven years. ” First of all because I intend to prepare the transition and then because the subjects are numerous “, adds the latter.

Since the merger between the Marseille and Aix-en-Provence offices and the installation at 7and floor of the Astrolabe, the 40 lawyers and jurists of the Bouches-du-Rhône, plus the fifteen employees, form a single team.

Fidal: Hedy Saoudi appointed co-director of the Aix-Marseille office

Showcasing talent

Maîtres Saoudi and Gaudin intend to rely on this notion of team and talent to strengthen the place of the business law firm in the metropolis. ” While the profession of lawyer requires increasingly specialized skills and our desire is to provide a “full service” to our customers, we want to stand out from our competitors “, pleads Thierry Gaudin. To achieve this, they worked with the firm’s lawyers and jurists on a collective project. The idea is to enable employees to take on responsibilities in order to strengthen their activity and engage in development projects.

Five were selected, in fields as diverse as the commitment of young lawyers, the real estate and construction division, the maritime field, cybercrime or even the ” restructuring “. Concrete actions will be carried out online and externally to reinforce these points and make Fidal’s services and skills better known.

Lawyers in the city

This internal commitment is backed up by external commitments. “ Lawyers can no longer stay in their offices. They must be involved in the city through associations, business clubs or professional unions “, explains Mr. Saoudi. Thus, we find Fidal employees at UPE 13, Club 29, PBA, the Cité des Entrepreneurs… Although this commitment by the profession is not new, it is encouraged and developed at Fidal. ” We must be present in these bodies to make ourselves known, but also to bring our skills and quite simply to participate in the life of the city. “, insists Hedy Saoudi. As part of its development, the Marseille office, which is one of the largest in the Fidal network, also intends to welcome new talent and allow them to evolve, train and invest in the team.

With this approach, we not only intend to celebrate our 100 years this year, but to invent the 100 years to come. “says Hedy Saoudi.

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