for 500 dollars, pasta for life and at will

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Attention aficionados of spaghetti bolognese and tagliatelle carbonara!

The American chain of restaurants Olive Garden has a tempting offer: pasta for life and all you can eat for 500 dollars.

The “pasta pass”, which also promises unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks, will be reserved for 50 people.

It will go on sale August 15 alongside 24,000 $100 pasta cards for nine weeks.

Pays for itself after… 45 visits

Passes are expected to sell out quickly, with Olive Garden only providing a 30-minute or “until it’s sold out” window to try your luck. The chain has even planned an “online waiting room”.

At $500, the pass should pay for itself after 45 visits to one of some 800 Olive Garden restaurants in the United States, establishments often located in commercial areas.

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