Here are the most acidifying foods

To take care of your health, it is important not to eat so-called acidic foods too often, that is to say foods that have a pH below 7.

When the body is too acidic, this promotes the formation of cavities, enamel erosion, fatigue, weakening of the bones, heartburn, or even fungal infections. So, here are 5 acidic foods to eat in moderation.

Small clarification, acidic foods do not necessarily have an acidifying effect. This is the case, for example, with lemon. This citrus fruit is acidic on the outside but becomes alkaline once in the body.

Red meat

Red meat is one of the most acidifying foods. And for good reason, it contains proteins which, once metabolized, secrete acid waste. This is also the case for charcuterie and offal, says Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen.

white bread

According to the nutritionist, bread made from white flour is also very acidifying. Overconsumption can affect the acid-base balance. As a reminder, the normal pH is around 7.4, which is slightly alkaline.

The oils

You should also be sure to consume oils in moderation, especially refined ones, and cooked fats in general. Fried foods stay in the stomach longer and promote acid reflux.


Cakes, but also candies and other cookies, are on the list of the most acidifying foods because they are very rich in refined sugar. They corrode the enamel in particular and cause a loss of minerals, including calcium, thus weakening the skeleton.


Just like sodas, adds Jean-Michel Cohen. On the one hand because they are sweet, but also because of the presence of phosphoric acids, acidifying additives.

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