How to make a one pot pasta?

In recent years, social networks have allowed us to discover new ways of cooking. Among them, the trend of One Pot Pasta always a rage. We explain everything about this simple cooking method that will save you a lot of time. Ideal for improvised meals!

What is a one pot pasta?

the principle of one pot pasta, made famous by the American Martha Stewart, is simple: cook pasta and the ingredients of your choice in a single container. Specifically, with this method, there is no longer any need to cook pasta in boiling water while simultaneously preparing the sauce and toppings. Indeed, for make a one pot pasta, all you have to do is put everything together in the same container (vegetables, pasta, meat or fish, herbs, creams, etc.) and cover everything with a liquid. Mix the ingredients throughout the cooking. When the liquid is absorbed by the pasta (after 15-20 minutes), all you have to do is enjoy!

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Which container to use to prepare a one pot pasta?

For prepare a one pot pasta, it is important to have a container large enough to stir everything without it overflowing. So choose a fairly deep saucepan, stewpan or wok suitable for the quantities you want to cook.

Which pasta to choose to make a one pot pasta?

Avoid using fresh pasta for cook a one pot pasta, choose dry pasta that holds up when cooked. Raw pasta will absorb the liquid as it cooks, you will get a creamy result without any added fat.

Then, all you have to do is choose the shape of the pasta you prefer (farfalle, fusilli, penne, spaghetti…). Preferably choose slow-cooking pasta, otherwise it may lose its consistency during cooking.

Our tip: cut long pasta before cooking so that it is well covered with liquid and cooks evenly.

Which liquids to choose for a one pot pasta?

Like a risotto recipe, most often use water, but you can also choose broth, cream, wine or soup to give more flavor to your pasta dish. You just have to pour the liquid up to the level of the food, but no more. Otherwise, the pasta will be overcooked when all the liquid has evaporated. It is better to put less liquid, you can always add some during cooking.

Our one pot pasta recipe ideas

Opt for products that cook quickly such as zucchini, onions or mushrooms. For meat and fish, chop your ingredients finely so they cook faster. Finally, do not hesitate to add some spices and herbs to flavor your dish. Among the most popular recipes: the one pot pasta with chicken and zucchini, the one pot pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil, the one pot pasta with mushrooms, or the one pot pasta with salmon and lemon. It’s up to you to be creative and try several combinations according to your tastes and seasonal products!

Last tip: avoid preparing this dish too far in advance or reheating any leftovers, the pasta could absorb all the cream and no longer be very pleasant to eat.

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