“I wanted to give him back what he had given me”

Megan, 31, has spent the past 15 years accompanied by her dog, Sasha. The Labrador is at the end of its life and its mistress wishes to enjoy the last moments it has left with it.

That’s why Megan decided to quit her job: “I was running a business but Sasha’s health was getting worse and worse,” she told Metro. ” I had such a hard time juggling the two. I decided to close my business and devote all my time to my dog. A list of things to do then came to mind. “, she says.


“He has always been my rock”

The Labrador and his mistress have already carried out a good number of activities on their “bucket list” such as walking on the beach, participating in a dog show, or even organizing a birthday party for dogs. ” Sasha has always been my rock. I wanted to give him back what he gave me while I still had the chance “.


As Sasha’s final days approach, Megan insists on ticking the last boxes on their bucket list. They will therefore soon go to Windsor Castle: “ I know losing him will be very difficult. Doing all of this makes me feel like we did everything we could do together. I know she was happy “.


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