In the United States: A dog challenges a cougar to save her mistress

Erin Wilson was walking her dog in rural northern California on Monday when a mountain lion appeared. The animal jumped on her, scratching her left shoulder. “I called my dog ​​Eva for help. She was only a few meters away from me and attacked the cougar,” said the 24-year-old American. Sacramento Bee. The two animals then engaged in a merciless fight, but the puma seemed to have taken over the malinois. “The beast held her by the left side of her head,” recalls the Californian.

Fearing for her furry friend’s life, Erin rushed to her car to find a gun. She then came across another woman, who came to her aid. “Together, we hit the puma while howling, until he released my dog,” she testifies. The beast eventually let go, but Eva was seriously injured during this fight. It took an hour’s drive to get to a veterinarian: “Eva started having convulsions, I thought she wasn’t going to hold out,” says her owner.

The animal received emergency treatment and survived with two skull fractures, a sinus cavity perforation and severe swelling around the eye. “My dog ​​is my heroine and I owe her my life,” says Erin on Instagram. On Wednesday, the Californian gave news of the malinois, who is still at the vet. The dog is recovering and was due home on Thursday. Erin was able to raise enough funds to cover Eva’s medical expenses. She plans to donate the excess to charities.

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