“It doesn’t just happen to others”, a mixed-race Bordeaux lawyer testifies

Dressed in a suit, he was walking from his…

Dressed in a suit, he went from his office to his accountant. “Forty-five minutes having to prove my identity, wait for their checks”, sighs Simon Takoudju, already arrested on the way back from the hearing in the Landes, and a little earlier in the year by customs, because ” when you see me, you don’t know who you’re dealing with”. A harrow thrown under its wheels had punctured its tires. The refund request remained a dead letter.

“Diffuse Racism”

May 12 was one “routine” check too many. “I wanted to talk about it. He does not victimize himself, he testifies. He wrote his fed up with “living this diffuse racism on a daily basis” and sent it to a WhatsApp group for discussion between lawyers. Simon Takoudju recounts the facies crimes of 2022 but also the others.

The time when, walking with friends, Place de la Victoire, he was the only one arrested by the police, hands against the wall to be searched, because “they were looking for an individual corresponding to my description”. The one where the customs ask him if he doesn’t smoke because, with his longer, frizzy hair, he looks like a “rasta gangster from the suburbs”.

The one where, as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a friend, he is pointed by a police pistol, ordered to show his hands, checked while “we are worried about the driver to know if she is well and feels safe ! Or the one where police officers who find it suspicious that he has a new vehicle make him empty it.

Even her dress doesn’t give her immunity. One day, he was refused access to a police station when he went to see a client in police custody. One complaint was dismissed. Another day, it was searched even after having declined and proved its function, “because one could not know if I was not carrying a bomb or a Kalashnikov on me!” »

“It’s not new”

“It’s nothing new,” he admits, but all the thinking that comes with the checks gets him tired. He remembers his first confrontation with this gaze of the police. “It was in Nantes, I was a kid, I walked home from school, all alone. A police car passed me, turned around and went back. All the police on board stared at me suspiciously even though I was doing nothing wrong. »

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