Justice: seven cases before the assizes for the 2nd session of the year

The second session of Assizes of the year will begin next Monday and end on July 22. With three four-week sessions in 2022, the Court of Appeal is trying to make up for the backlog accumulated in 2020 and 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic. This time it is seven cases and seventeen defendants who will be judged.

Seventeen days of hearing to judge four crimes of blood and three procedures of sexual nature. The vast majority will take place behind closed doors.

  • June 28 to July 1: The Chainsaw Man Murder

Nouméa, Porte d’Argent, May 2020 – A neighborhood dispute escalates against a background of widespread alcohol. A man comes out of his home, overwhelmed by a gang of young people, a chainsaw in his hand. Stones fly in his direction. Multiple blows and death follow. The five defendants are being prosecuted for murder. There is a minor among them, it is the Court of Assizes for minors which is competent. “A case that had created great emotion in this neighborhood at the time“, recalls Christian Pasta, the general counsel.

  • July 4: Rape and rape of minors under 15

Pouébo, Tchamboene tribe, January 2021 – An individual breaks into the bedroom of a sleeping couple and abuses the woman. The husband wakes up, the individual flees. The couple will immediately file a complaint with the gendarmerie, leaving the children at home. Two 7-year-old children who will also be victims of this same man in their absence.

  • July 5 and 6: Double Murder

Mont-Dore, Vallon-Dore, January 2021 – A 19-year-old young man kills his mother-in-law and his girlfriend with a gun. He had been a father for two weeks. He risks life for murder (mother-in-law) and murder by a person who was the victim’s spouse or partner (girlfriend). “He surrendered to the polices, says Christian Pasta, the general counsel. VSt is a delicate case because there are two victims, and because of the personality of the author, who was a very young man at the time of the events.

  • July 7 and 8: Incestuous rape of minors

Canala, July 2020 – A high school student describes the assaults and rapes her father subjected her to. The facts happened between 2018 and 2020. His half-sister also claims to be the victim of the same man, who is not his parent.

  • July 11-13: Murder

Païta, March 2021. A young man is stabbed several times. At four against two, the tone rose, until the gestures which cost the life of this 15-year-old teenager. “There is resentment, which we cannot explain between these young peoplesays Christian Pasta, the general counsel. It is a case that had aroused a lot of emotion, with two wasted lives.“Among the four defendants, one is detained, accused of murder. The other three are prosecuted for intentional violence in a meeting with a weapon, the complicity was not retained. They appear free.

  • July 18-21: Assassination

Koutio, Dumbéa, September 2019 – A taxi driver was found stabbed to death in his partially burnt-out house. His former mistress, her new companion and a minor accomplice (16 years old) were arrested after nine months of investigation. They are accused of murder, she for complicity in murder (it is the woman in the shadows who gave the order). Another woman had been indicted for non-denunciation of a crime and placed under judicial supervision. It is the Court of Assizes for minors which is competent. The former mistress and her companion accused of murder were to marry in prison. Learning that he had cheated on her, she promised to “unpack everything at the Assises“, announces Christian Pasta, the general counsel.

  • July 22: Recurrence of rape of a 15-year-old minor

Païta, May 2021 – A teenager filed a complaint in 2019 for rape, about acts committed between 2015 and 2017 in Nouméa. The accused was then the partner of his mother, who took advantage of the latter’s absences. Already sentenced in 2002 to ten years’ imprisonment for the rape of a 4-year-old girl, he faces life imprisonment for aggravated rape. Justice speaks of “great criminal recidivism”.

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