North. They find their cat three years after losing it

The LPA du Nord was able to return a cat, lost for three years, to its owners. Luckily, the animal had been chipped. (©

Like what, you should never lose hope. A couple of northerners had the pleasure of find your cat more than three years after losing it. Thanks to the chip implanted in the felinethe local branch of the Animal Protection League (LPA) managed to find the owners.

95% of cats are not microchipped

It’s a story that ends well for this runaway cat. Adopted at the Roubaix refuge, he had had happy days until May 10, 2019, when his masters reported having lost him. When they thought they would never see him again one day, their pet resurfaced a few days ago.

In a Facebook post, the Northern Animal Protection League says that its pound service has recovered a cat found in a business. “Luckily he was chipped. “A detail that makes all the difference because the identification of cats, which is also mandatory, “makes it easier to find them if they get lost”.

“We called the owners. (…) They came the next day to pick it up and they were very happy! »

In order not to relive this experience, the masters of the feline have planned everything. “They bought a GPS for their cat and will isolate their animal for a few days while it gets used to its environment,” explains the Northern Animal Protection League.

The association recalls that if this story ends well it is “thanks to the pound service and thanks to the identification of the animal. 95% of cats found by our pound service are not identified, and only 5% are picked up by their owner. “A dramatically low figure but which could change if the owners identified their cats.

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