PacisLexis Family Law is the first law firm in the Metaverse

The PacisLexis FamilyLaw law firm founded by Héloïse Kawaishi in 2020 is the first law firm to have offices in the Metaverse. The ambition of the firm dedicated to family law is to offer a simple and unique experience to its clients.

PacisLexis Family Law describes itself as an innovative law firm. In this perspective, he created his firm in the Metaverse which could allow the development of interesting legal applications in the future.

“Web 3.0 is linked to the blockchain, NFTs, metaverses, that is to say everything that is decentralized, gives power back to users. Even if today we are in its infancy, I think that the potential for development is significant in the field of law. With NFTs, one can obtain a certificate of authenticity. This could be useful for example for title deeds for resale and securing the deed. » explains Antoine Bert, Technical Director of PacisLexis FamilyLaw

For the moment, the interface developed by the firm streamlines communication both with clients and with employees.

At the client level, this tool makes access to the lawyer and the law easier. The advantage of gamification is to make it easier to connect. As far as the firm’s employees are concerned, it maintains a team life” specifies Antoine Bert.

Indeed, the Metaverse allows the client to meet his lawyer. He can move around within a virtual firm and speak directly with his lawyer in a confidential manner in a dedicated meeting room, by means of a videoconference, before then heading to the reception of the firm to settle the administrative formalities with the secretariat and collect the necessary documents.

From now on, telework is part of the daily life of lawyers. With the Metaverse, the firm wants employees not to feel isolated and to be able to take advantage of life within the firm.

metaverse2 pacis lexis

Thus, all members of the firm connect in the morning on the Metaverse and can either isolate themselves and put themselves in “do not disturb” mode when they want to be quiet to work, or find their colleagues to take a break. , for lunch, to ask a question.

This strengthens the links between employees and animates the life of the firm according to Antoine Bert.

Finally, the Metaverse also makes it possible to welcome new employees and make them adhere to the firm’s values.

Arnaud Dumourier (@adumourier)


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