Magistrates, lawyers and court officials simultaneously demonstrate their anger in Orléans and Montargis

This is a column published a few weeks ago in The world which has awakened the barely sleeping suffering of the milieu of justice. Orléans magistrates, civil servants and lawyers were thus mobilized in turn, this Wednesday, December 15, on the steps of the courthouseto show their support and claim resources. “Simply, to be in … Read more

Neglected for months, 2 dogs finally get a fresh start after their master’s conviction

For a year and the death of the wife of their owner, 2 Shih Tzu lived in the most total neglect, without care, deprived of water and food for days. Rescued and placed in a foster family, they can now be adopted after the sentence pronounced against their former master.

the new life in Dubai of Philippe Houman, the Swiss lawyer of Jérôme Cahuzac

Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationSentenced by French justice for his role in mounting tax evasion by the former budget minister, the intermediary continues to offer his services to a wealthy clientele from the emirate. We left him in Paris, in February 2018, at the appeal trial of Jérôme Cahuzac, when he learnedly explained, at the … Read more

Faced with the threat of the wolf, the Walloon shepherds are starting to think of “protection dogs”

After the last massacre of about twenty sheep in Nassogne, many breeders think that it is necessary to go beyond the electric fences. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist of the Walloon cell By Jean-Luc Bodeux Published on 06/24/2022 at 19:15 Reading time: 6 mins Lhe massacre of sheep perpetrated by a wolf in a nature … Read more