Cyril Lignac as a couple: Who is the woman who shares the life of the chef?

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Chef and owner of several restaurants, bars, pastry shops and chocolate shops, Cyril Lignac holds a CAP diploma in cook, pastry chef, chocolatier and ice cream maker. Apart from these professions, Cyril is also a French television host. Born November 5, 1977 in Rodez (Averyon), the latter now hosts many … Read more

the Parisian palaces run wild

At the Prince de Galles hotel, Korean-American chef Akira Back offers daring fusion cuisine; here the Toro caviar, miso kochujang and Oscietra caviar. PRINCE OF WALES “Shine bright like a diamond”… Rihanna’s voice echoes in the darkness of the restaurant. From the top of his stage, the DJ observes the customers seated around tacos, fried … Read more

Newborn Sphynx Rejected By Mother, Finds Comfort With Mother Cat At Shelter

© Helen Woodward Animal Center/Facebook When a kitten is abandoned by its mother, its chances of survival are slim. This time around, little Sphynx Cleopatra was lucky enough to be adopted by a tender and loving alley cat. In March 2022, a desperate man drove to the Helen Woodward Animal Center of Rancho Santa Fein … Read more

here are the foods to favor to protect the arteries

No deprivation, we can continue to consume saturated fats but sparingly A cholesterol level that exceeds the authorized threshold does not necessarily mean taking statins, the reference cholesterol-lowering drugs. Because this “overdose” is due, most of the time, to a diet that is too rich. The cause: excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids which are … Read more

Cats know the names of their fellow cats

Cats are often seen as aloof and disengaged animals compared to dogs. Beneath their air of indifference to the world around them, cats actually listen intently to your conversations. To the point of knowing the first name of each of the inhabitants of the home, humans as pets, according to a new Japanese study. Read … Read more