Pasta pasta on sale in Toronto

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After Mackinnon Krunch, Dupuis Dijon, Fleury Flakes, Jaromir Lágr (no stuffing) and so on, make way for pastas de Pasta.

Did we really need this?

I admit that with a nickname like that, it was written in the sky that David Pastrnak would one day lend his image to pasta. And that day has finally arrived.

Mind you, it may have been a while since the product I just discovered has been on the market. On the other hand, what seems new is its presence in the supermarkets of…Toronto!

The following photo was taken by a user on Reddit. Clearly, Pasta haunts Maple Leafs fans right down to their plate.

Not sure if those boxes of enriched macaroni decked out with Pastrnak’s hoe are selling like hot cakes in the Queen City.

In any case, they do not go unnoticed.

It must be said, NHL players, food and sponsorships, it will always remain a natural trio combination.

I wonder what the next genius idea will be. Toffoli ravioli or Paquette croquettes, who knows.


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