Shortage of sunflower oil: these products are less good for health since they changed their recipe

With the sunflower shortage affecting restaurateurs, individuals and manufacturers, several processed products sold in stores have had to change their recipe. This is sometimes not without consequence on their nutritional quality. The UFC That Choose took stock.

Because of the war in Ukraine, sunflower oil is running out in France. As a result, some products that you are used to finding on supermarket shelves have changed composition in an emergency, following the implementation of a consumer information protocol.

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But this recipe change also has consequences on the quality of certain products and it is on this point that the UFC that Choisir wanted to alert. Yes “in the vast majority of products, sunflower oil has been replaced by rapeseed oil, which is better for your health“, some manufacturers have opted for other, less good substitutes.

“Very regrettable choice”

Some manufacturers”have made the very regrettable choice of replacing sunflower oil with coconut or palm oil, which are very rich in saturated fatty acids“, writes the association, which also deplores that apart from Carrefour, “manufacturers and distributors are absolutely in no hurry to report this nutritional degradation to consumers”.

As the latter did not want to communicate to the UFC on the levels of saturated fatty acids, the association carried out in-depth work and compared the recipes of similar brands to those which had been modified, thanks to the site of the DGCCRF.

Aperitif biscuits, cakes, desserts…

The list is updated regularly on the UFC website Que Choisir, which also indicates the impact of the recipe change on the Nutri-Score. It can be viewed by following this link.

Among the most well-known and consumed products, appearing in the list of those having seen their nutritional quality degraded, there are for example many references of tiramisu, in which sunflower oil has been replaced by coconut oil. Many aperitif crackers in which palm oil has been preferred, but also several biscuits and industrial cakes, in particular from the Milka brand.

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