Since swallowing a toy that damaged his intestines, this Great Dane has been entertaining the web with his farts (video)

Roland is a famous Great Dane on the TikTok platform thanks to the daily videos posted by his owner of his extraordinary farts. The icing on the cake: he always puts himself in strange positions before taking action. Roland has excessive flatulence, it’s true, but for good reason.

Nicki Deutsch is the proud owner of Rolandher adopted Dane in 2020. She lives inArizona to the United States with his family. Her giant dog has become, somewhat in spite of herself, famous on social networks thanks to her uncontrollable flatulence. “Roland farts fiercely every day and he always does the downward facing dog yoga stretches before letting go”she told the Mirror.

Illustration of the article: Since he swallowed a toy that damaged his intestines, this Great Dane entertains the web with his farts (video)
Nicki Deutsch / TikTok

Damaged intestines following a domestic accident

In 2021, Roland had the bad idea to play with a cat toy unsuitable for his large size, which he ended up swallowing. The piece of rubber then got stuck in his intestines. Roland had to undergo an urgent intervention at the veterinarian in order to extract it. “The toy was blocking his intestines which caused damage and part had to be removed”has explained Nicky.

Veterinarians assured that Roland would recover and that was the main thing. However, they had not warned of the fact that henceforth, Roland would suffer from excessive nauseating flatulence.

Since then, Nicky started filming what the whole family is now going through. To make Internet users laugh as she laughs herself, Nicky shares the videos on the TikTok account dedicated to his dog. Each of them counts several thousand likes, propelling Roland to the rank of net star without shame.

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