soon after, they are called with sad news

He wants to get rid of a dog, but the shelter has no place

With the animal shelter in the Belgian city of Ghent packed, a tough decision had to be made…

In the city of Ghent, capital of the Belgian province of East Flanders, there has been an animal shelter for two years, which can accommodate 44 dogs and 60 cats. Located in a beautiful green area, this refuge is particularly respectful of the well-being of the animals welcomed.

No room at the shelter

A few days ago, a person contacted the shelter via the Internet to place his dog there. Unfortunately, the refuge being packed, this was not possible. But volunteers advised the man to call other shelters to find a solution for the animal.

Not wanting to take this trouble, the man finally decided to abandon his dog a few hours later, in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, the pooch was found by police officers who took him to the shelter where he was taken care of.

His chip was then scanned in order to discover the identity of his humans. But the data was wrong. While waiting for the dog to finally be put up for adoption, the shelter reminded us that dogs were not consumer goods that could be disposed of anywhere and anyhow. They are living beings who are entitled to a minimum of respect.

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