Sophie Viaris de Lesegno leaves Pierrat to found SVL lawyer

Almost 25 years as an associate lawyer at Pierrat, and now a new beginning for the lawyer. Sophie Viaris de Lesegno, considered by many colleagues as “an excellent technician», takes its independence. In short, the largest publishing firm in the world is splitting.

Contacted by ActuaLitté, the lawyer indicates that she has had this desire for independence for a few years. “I have been working in the world of books for about twenty years, but I remain an artisan in my field.“, she explains.

And to put forward values ​​that are essential in his eyes: “Simplicity, rigor, proximity, remaining reasonable in its actions, and operating targeted communication“, insists the lawyer who erected”discretion in principle“.

Specialized in copyright, the book trade and more broadly intellectual property, Sophie Viaris de Lesegno claims a greater affinity with publishers. From there, a distance also taken with his former partner. “By creating SVL Avocat, I have a more flexible structure, while avoiding situations of possible conflicts of interest.In fact, Emmanuel Pierrat, a prolific author, signed publishing contracts with different companies, which could indeed lead to famous paradoxes for the firm.

The distribution of customers was carried out in good intelligence, each one retaining its privileged interlocutors. I am especially happy to be able to go back to the substance of the files“, she concludes.

Sophie Viaris de Lesegno was sworn in on January 20, 2000 before the Paris Court of Appeal. After collaborating with Emmanuel Pierrat, she founded the Cabinet Pierrat with him in 2003, where she developed and headed the intellectual property law department for 18 years.

photo credits: Paris Courthouse – ActuaLitté, CC BY SA 2.0

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