A lawyer at the head of a bank

Me Grégoire Baillargeon. Source: BMO It is a lawyer who will be the future president of the Quebec branch of BMO. The bank appointed Me Gregoire Baillargeon as President of BMO Financial Group for Quebec. He also becomes the vice-chairman of the board of directors of BMO. This 1999 bar will take office on November … Read more

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers are again demanding his release, decision mid-January

Previous requests for release had been rejected by the courts. The prosecutor had said that he believed that “serious and consistent clues” made it possible to conclude that the husband was involved in the disappearance of the Tarn nurse. Against all odds, he continues to proclaim his innocence. Cédric Jubillar, suspected of having killed his … Read more

A drink leads to the cancellation of a trial

Thomas Meehan. Source: YouTube A man convicted of murder has just had his conviction quashed, as the friendship between the trial judge and the crown attorney cast a shadow over the fairness of the proceedings. Convicted of murder in 2017, Andrew Cowan has just won his case before the Ontario Court of Appeal, which overturned … Read more

A lawyer and an inmate caught having sex at the Santé prison

A prison guard would have been challenged by the shadows projected through the window of the visiting room. Monday, January 3 in the afternoon, a supervisor of the prison of Health (Paris) reported to his administration an incident in a visiting room. He has, in fact, surprised a lawyer making love with her client, an … Read more

At the trial of the November 13 attacks, the first banners of the victims’ lawyers

On the screen of the special assize court, we see a young blond woman with two black cats in her arms. “We miss Marion. For us, she will always be beautiful and she will always be 24 years old, ” said Me Virginie Bensoussan who came to the bar to talk about Marion, this “little … Read more

his trial postponed, his lawyer evokes a man who “could even die”

This Wednesday, June 8, Pierre Ménès was to be tried for alleged acts of “sexual assault”. The Paris Criminal Court finally decided to postpone this trial to March 8, 2023. “In a case with a gray area for and against, it is to your client’s advantage that it is not a sloppy case”, argued the … Read more

In video, Johnny Depp’s lawyer laughs (but does not answer) when asked if she is having an affair with the actor

By Mathilde Seifert Published on 05/20/2022 at 2:32 p.m., Update on 05/20/2022 at 4:39 p.m. Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, with the actor during the defamation trial against Amber Heard. POOL / REUTERS Johnny Depp would he be in a relationship with Camille Vasquez, his lawyer? When, Wednesday, May 18, a journalist questions the young … Read more

How Much Do Corporate Lawyers Earn?

Source: Shutterstock In 2022, in Canada, the average base salary for corporate lawyers is $180,000 per year, excluding benefits and incentives. Over two years, the average annual salary of a Canadian corporate lawyer has increased by 7%, while it stood at $167,500 in 2020. This is what emerges from the survey on salaries presented by … Read more

Lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio, figure of the anti-pass movement, targeted by disciplinary proceedings

This investigation by the Paris Bar Association could lead to sanctions that could go as far as disqualification or deregistration. The lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio, targeted by a disciplinary procedure by the Paris Bar Association, has been increasing massive appeals against the government’s management of the health crisis for more than a year, inspiring the … Read more

Eastern Quebec must deal with a shortage of lawyers

Est-du-Québec has a significant lack of lawyers, complicating access to justice, especially for low-income people. The regional average in Quebec is 144 lawyers per 100,000 inhabitants. In Eastern Quebec, this average is more like 99 lawyers per 100,000 inhabitants. It would therefore be necessary to add 128 lawyers to reach the provincial average. Me Isabelle … Read more