The vet examines a dog that has just given birth and realizes that something is wrong

The veterinarian examines a female dog who has just given birth

Fortunately for the pretty Lexus, everything ends for the best.

It all starts with a call for help received by the Hope for Paws association for a Pitbull mother who had just given birth to her little ones in a private garden.

Once there, the volunteers immediately noticed how stressed the young mother was and decided to surround her so that she could not escape.

An essential rescue

Finally, after several minutes of effort, the rescuers manage to recover the dog and go back to look for her babies who are lying in the mud. Unfortunately, they then discover with sadness that one of the puppies did not survive.

Lexus – that’s the dog’s name – and her puppies were taken to the vet for examination and care. But while examining Nexus, the vet realizes something is wrong. The dog seems to be in pain when touched.

The veterinarian then decides to give him an X-ray.

A metal plug in the belly

It is there that he discovers with horror that the poor Lexus has a metal plug in the belly. With a lot of effort, and by making the dog vomit, the veterinarian finally manages to get the cork out. A relief for everyone.

A story that ends well for Lexus and his puppies who are all in good health.

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