This special way of cooking pasta creates a buzz… The Honeycomb Pasta video is a worldwide success with 32 million views

Cooking pasta is far from monotonous, the proof once again with this very special recipe, straight from TikTok. It all starts with the video of a user who reveals how to cook pasta by giving it the shape of a honeycomb, which she calls Honeycomb Pasta. Here, no honey, but a traditional gratin recipe revisited. Forget about superimposing layers of lasagna, this recipe is all about verticality and balance. All you need is a springform cake pan and “tube” pasta such as rigatoni or cannelloni. The platform shows a preference for the first option.

To make the Honeycomb Pasta, simply line the bottom of the cake pan with cooked rigatonni arranged vertically. The small tubes are so aligned that they form cells reminiscent of those of a beehive. The more adventurous (and the most greedy) can also garnish the tube with cheese beforehand or any other desired stuffing. Enough to ensure an explosion of flavors and a contrast of textures. The pasta hive is then covered in tomato sauce and generously wrapped in grated cheese. Minced meat can be added. All that remains is to bake for about 25 to 30 minutes, until the cheese is golden and browned. At the end of the cooking, all you have to do is wait a few minutes before opening the hinge and discovering the fabulous pasta cake.

Béchamel sauces, pesto, carbonara… all variations are possible. Far from being new, this cake should seduce salty beaks. Viewed more than 32 million times, the video garnered 3 million likes.

Feta pasta, another global success

This viral recipe chases away another that was all the rage not long ago on the Internet: pasta with feta. The recipe consists of placing a whole piece of feta in a dish, adding cherry tomatoes and seasoning everything before baking. Once the base is ready, all that remains is to add the pasta while mixing.

It was in 2019 that Jenni Häyrinen imagined this recipe… Long before it experienced worldwide success in the midst of a pandemic. She explains to Today: I came up with this recipe because I needed a quick and easy lunch. I was hungry and started craving some baked feta. I decided to turn it into a dish, adding tomatoes to it to create a sauce and combining it with pasta. It’s easy, super delicious, vegetarian and very Instagrammable when the feta comes out of the oven”.

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