Tips for cheating, anti-cop clips… These lawyers who abuse social networks to advertise

DECRYPTION – The Order of Paris has created a commission to track down these excesses on the internet. Five disciplinary procedures are in progress.

They were born with the internet and do not hesitate to adopt its codes to make a name and a clientele. For two years, the bars of France have faced the emergence of a new generation of lawyers who use social networks, and sometimes abuse them. Some platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat welcome these abuses more than the very serious LinkedIn, reserved for more polite, ethical and professional use. Without nicknames, in the open, some flirt with well-targeted audiences, such as drug traffickers. Thus Master Minkowski, alias “Sloppy 75” and whose digital business card is a pad of cellophane-wrapped cannabis, flirts with drug traffickers by promising them a 24-hour service, “even on Sunday“. As a bonus, a small clip of anti-cop rap and to the glory of the “stupid”.

The art of the “story”, these photos or videos posted on social networks and which disappear after a few hours, has become a classic…

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